The Systems

American Tactical Ju-jitsu is not only a “System of Systems,” it is also “Systems within Systems.” The foundation of ATJ is found within these systems. Each system is a drill or sequence of techniques designed to ingrain certain movement patterns and serve as a catalog of techniques. These patterns will later correlate into the practical self-defense applications found in the Ippon Kumite Katas (One-Point Fighting Forms).

The various systems and the total number of moves for each are described as follows:

Soft Blocking System – 20
Elbow Striking System – 10
Hammerfist System – 10
Knifehand System – 10
Jo Chu Ji (Humanized Makiwara) – 30
Kicking System – 10
Punching System – 10
Arnis System – 40
Joint-Locking System – 12
Ukemi (Breakfall) System – 24


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