Back Falls

After gaining confidence with a standing Back Fall, a good confidence building drill is a Back Fall Over an Obstacle. Here’s a gallery of ATJ Back Falls taken at the US Embassy. Photos by Zach Souto.

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A heavy bag or fellow student can be used as the obstacle. Students should start with their arms crossed, chins tucked, and mouths closed. After sitting on the obstacle, they can use their legs to control their rate of descent. When the student develops some confidence, the instructor can add a gentle push to accelerate the fall, then a harder push as the student progresses. The hands should slap the mat, palms down, at about the time that the student’s shoulder blades hit the mat. Arms should be approximately 30-45 degrees from the body to avoid overextending the shoulder joint. Chin should remain tucked and the mouth closed to prevent injury.

Disclaimer: The videos and posts contained in this website are designed to augment instruction under the guidance and care of a qualified and competent martial arts instructor. They are designed as a resource for students only. Practicing these techniques can result in serious injury or death to either the attacker or defender. Ray Nash, the Police Dynamics Institute, and other participants in the design of the training materials presented on this site assume no liability for the practice or execution of any of these techniques. Full liability and risk is assumed by any person choosing to practice them.


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