Elbow Striking System

During a recent ATJ class at the Embassy, we reviewed the Elbow Striking System. Here’s a few action shots taken by Zach Souto.

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The Front Elbow strike comes across the front of your face so that your arm protects your neck. Notice the hip rotation and how the heel of the right foot lifts off the ground slightly for additional rotation.

The Rising Elbow strikes underneath the opponent’s chin. Notice how the center of gravity lifts to give extra upward momentum.

In the Dropping Elbow, your center of gravity drops to add additional power to the strike.

The Rear Elbow utilizes the opposite hand to augment the power of the strike. Your elbow should slide against your ribs as you strike to the rear and you should step to the side to align the strike with your opponent’s center line.

The Side Elbow strike also utilizes an augmentation with the opposite hand and incorporates a side step toward your opponent for power.

Disclaimer: The videos and posts contained in this website are designed to augment instruction under the guidance and care of a qualified and competent martial arts instructor. They are designed as a resource for students only. Practicing these techniques can result in serious injury or death to either the attacker or defender. Ray Nash, the Police Dynamics Institute, and other participants in the design of the training materials presented on this site assume no liability for the practice or execution of any of these techniques. Full liability and risk is assumed by any person choosing to practice them.


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