Straight Punch #3

This Ippon Kumite Kata begins with Soft Block #3 and continues with a Shuto or knifehand to the throat targeting the larnyx. Next, the defender executes an outside wrist throw or Kote Gashi to take the attacker to the ground. Then he stomps to the attacker’s brachial plexus to traumatize the arm, and hyperextends his elbow in preparation for an arm-bar roll-over into a shoulder pin.

At his point the defender checks his back for any additional attackers before deciding to continue with the defense. He places his knee across the attacker’s shoulder blades in a 45-degree angle to complete the shoulder pin, then transitions into a bar hammer lock to further disable the attacker. The Ippon is completed with an eye-gouge/cervical crank followed by a head smash and shoulder roll escape.

Note: Be extremely careful when practicing this transition with a training partner as it is easy to overextend the shoulder joint. The defender should use his right hand to gently bend his partner’s elbow while transitioning into this lock.

This instructional training video was filmed at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and produced by one of our American Tactical Ju-jitsu students, Catherine Hartman. Many thanks to her and Bernie Stone, the uke in this video.

Disclaimer: The videos and posts contained in this website are designed to augment instruction under the guidance and care of a qualified and competent martial arts instructor. They are designed as a resource for students only. Practicing these techniques can result in serious injury or death to either the attacker or defender. Ray Nash, the Police Dynamics Institute, and other participants in the design of the training materials presented on this site assume no liability for the practice or execution of any of these techniques. Full liability and risk is assumed by any person choosing to practice them.

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