Straight Punch #2

This Ippon Kumite Kata begins with Soft Block #2 to the outside and continues with an arm break, which is also Soft Block #7, delivered to the attacker’s elbow. This is followed by a reverse palm heel strike to the attacker’s chin which turns his head away from the defender. The next technique is a roundhouse kick to the common peroneal nerve immediately followed by an outside foot sweep.

Once the attacker is down, the defender hyperextends the attacker’s arm and delivers a stomping kick to his brachial plexus to traumatize the nerve structure supporting the right arm. At this point, the defender performs an armbar assisted rollover using his shin as a fulcrum and his left hand as a “C-clamp” to direct the attacker to roll over.

Once the attacker is prone, the defender administers a shoulder pin by creating a 90-degree angle between the attacker’s arm and body as well as a 90-degree angle between the attacker’s arm and the ground.

Note: limits on the attacker’s range of motion in his shoulder joint may make it impractical to attain an exact 90-degree angle. Be particularly careful when performing the shoulder pin with a training partner.

The shoulder pin is completed by the defender placing his knee across the attacker’s shoulder blade at a 45-degree angle pinning him to the ground and maintaining a basic wrist lock (ikkyo).

At this point, the defender quickly checks his back for additional attackers, then, if it safe to do so, transitions to a bar hammer lock by shifting his left knee across the attacker’s lower back and pinning his triceps with the defender’s right foot. Note: Be extremely careful when practicing this transition with a training partner as it is easy to overextend the shoulder joint. The defender should use his right hand to gently bend his partner’s elbow while transitioning into this lock.

Once the bar hammer lock is applied, the defender can deliver a verbal command for the attacker to place his other hand behind his back. Then the defender executes a cervical crank/eye gouge (the attacker’s hair, if he has any, can also be pulled to apply the cervical crank). Next is a head smash into the ground with a palm heel strike followed by a shoulder roll escape.

This instructional training video was filmed at the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and produced by one of our American Tactical Ju-jitsu students, Catherine Hartman. Many thanks to her and Bernie Stone, the uke in this video.

Disclaimer: The videos and posts contained in this website are designed to augment instruction under the guidance and care of a qualified and competent martial arts instructor. They are designed as a resource for students only. Practicing these techniques can result in serious injury or death to either the attacker or defender. Ray Nash, the Police Dynamics Institute, and other participants in the design of the training materials presented on this site assume no liability for the practice or execution of any of these techniques. Full liability and risk is assumed by any person choosing to practice them.

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