Ippon Kumite Kata – Straight Punch #1

The Ippon Kumite Kata, or One-Point Fighting Forms, are the foundation of the practical application of the American Tactical Ju-jitsu System. Each ippon is named after the attack it is designed to defend against. The first 10 defenses for a straight punch attack correspond to the first 10 movements of the Soft Blocking System. So the first move in the Straight Punch #1 Ippon is a Soft Block #1.
This instructional training video, comprising part of the ATJ yellow belt curriculum, was filmed at the Focal Point Dojo in Summerville, SC and produced by my senior brown belt and long-time training partner, Tom Epperson. Tom was the first to suggest that the Straight Punch Ippons correspond to the Soft Blocking System sequence and I am grateful for his insight in that respect as well as his unwavering support for the ATJ system. The uke in this video is my son and first ATJ Black Belt, Jordan



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